The Summer Slide

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I can’t believe I’m hearing all my students counting down the days until summer vacation! Where did this school year go? As the excitement builds and everyone is talking about summer camps, sports tournaments, and vacation, don’t forget to plan your child’s summer academic goals.  The “summer slide” is the tendency for students to lose the achievement gains they made during the previous school year. Over two months of learning can be lost over the summer in both reading and math skills.  Teachers spend six weeks reteaching old materials.  A few hours a week can help your child avoid the summer slide! Here are some tips to avoid the summer slide:

  1. Have your child read for at least 20 minutes every day!
  2. Read all different kinds of reading material: cookbooks, directions, magazines, chapter books, and picture books.
  3. Use your local library.
  4. Listen to audiobooks when you are in the car.
  5. Start a book club.

I would love to discuss your child’s summer learning goals.  Contact me today!