We started working with Mindful Moments Tutoring in November of 2019, at that time, our typically developed 3rd grader was not able to identify any sight words nor read simple CVC words. He also had difficulty with flipping letters and acknowledging the letter sounds. The school had been slow to respond to these issues. After starting with Bianca, we learned that our son had relatively severe dyslexia. We began the Orton-Gillingham method with Bianca right away. In the beginning, the sight word study method was onerous, and reading even a few short sentences was cause for frustration; but, week-by-week, my son slowly increased the library of words he could easily recall and was reading longer and longer passages. Bianca created a reward system for my son and, in the beginning, it was one of the things that aided his progress. Ms. Bianca helped us advocate at the school, and provided comments on his IEP. We now have an IEP that we all believe will help him progress. Today, eight months later, my son is READING at the 2nd grade level, still with some difficulty, but he has a myriad of tools to decode written words. He’s reading signs on the roadways, papers left laying around, and can finally read the instructions in his Minecraft game (one of his early goals). Bianca’s systematic reading instruction has given my child the gift of being able to access information to feed his curious mind. Beyond the phonics instruction, “Ms. Bianca” and my son have a special bond. She always takes time to check in on him, ask about his weekend, and is genuinely invested in his wellbeing. We count Ms. Bianca among the blessings brought to our family.                       

-Heather Kennedy 

Bianca has worked with my two special needs children (11 and 14) for the last 18 months. She has expertise, patience and knowledge on how to work with children on the Autism Spectrum or behavioral challenges. She utilizes schedules, first/then and breaks to keep them focused and on task. We hight recommend Bianca and Mindful Moments for any child who needs academic tutoring or therapy.                                                                                         

-Anna Taylor

As we watched our struggling first grader fall further and further behind her classmates, we knew she would need additional support outside of school. We researched and interviewed several tutors to find the best fit for her, and Bianca stood out from the pack. She has a natural way of connecting with my daughter and makes her feel excited about their tutoring sessions together. Bianca tailors lessons to each student and takes the time to reach out to teachers to align efforts. My daughter has made huge strides in second grade working with Mindful Moments Tutoring and jumped two full grade levels in reading within a year. This past year in third grade, she was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. Lucky for us, Bianca has been teaching other kids with similar diagnosis and uses doctor recommended methods.  During the spring of 2020, Bianca helped us navigate remote learning during the COVID 19 shut down. She met with my daughter virtually and they worked on lessons and assignments together.  Going into the Fall 2020 school year, and with all the unknown, we know that with Bianca there to support her, she will thrive! We are fortunate to have found Mindful Moments Tutoring!                   

-The Nguyen Family

Our son was diagnosed with severe dyslexia in 2019. He was about to start 4th grade and was reading at the 1st grade reading level.  Despite all of his schooling and regular reading in our house throughout his early childhood, he had significant trouble even reading two letter words. After 10-months of tutoring, going into 5th grade in about a month, he is reading at mid-5th grade reading level! Every day, we cannot believe the level that his reading is at and his ability to decode even difficult four syllable words with a high degree of comprehension. If you had told us a year ago that our son would be reading at this level in one year, we would not have believed you. We cannot say enough about Bianca and her tutoring.  She is an expert in her field, she is patient and kind, yet holds a firm level of expectation. She relates well to children and their parents. She is exceptionally organized and timely. All of her lesson plans are completely individualized to the student on that day, meeting them exactly where they are. We have nothing but enthusiastic praise for Bianca and Mindful Moments Tutoring.       

-Caitlin Rood

We had the privilege of having Mrs. Kozloski as our second-grade teacher for 2 of our daughters.  Hands down, she is their favorite!  Mrs. Kozloski is organized, engaging, energetic, nurturing, and an amazing advocate for kids.  I always felt the girls were safe and in excellent hands when they were in her class.  She goes above and beyond to include parents in our children’s learning, and I had the privilege to volunteer weekly in her class.  I was able to see first hand how she effectively engages all kids, meets them where they are at, and seeks out specific activities for each child based on their needs.  She doesn’t hesitate to put in the extra time and effort to make sure that all of her students have equal opportunity for success.  Mrs. K. is also very approachable and effectively communicates with parents, which made it so easy to be a partner in my child’s learning.  My girls are definitely better off having spent a year in Ms. K’s classroom, and we wouldn’t change it or anything.  

-Mandy Paschall

All year I would say to my daughter, Dani, that she had the best teacher in the school. And I meant it with all sincerity. The way that Bianca had eyes to see Dani and meet her right where she was astounded me. I remember walking out of a parent/teacher conference and what Bianca had said about Dani needing to gain the confidence to speak her truth were the exact words I had been using for her! Academically she challenged Dani by understanding how Dani thought about words or numbers or other subjects and then encouraged more. Dani came home one weekend and did an extra project for Greek mythology, not because she was asked because she was inspired. This happened more than once. For all of these reasons, it is without hesitation that I recommend Bianca Kozloski.

With gratitude for her,


Bianca worked with my two boys for three years as a nanny. She had an appreciation for their four year age difference. Bianca has an ability to provide guidance to each of them with patience and understanding of their developmental differences. Bianca takes a positive, supportive approach when working with children. 

-Beth Kaelin

Bianca is amazing and has been such a great asset to our entire family! She took the time to truly get to know our children and figure out the best way to work with each of them in different capacities. She has encouraged our children, helped both of them gain self-confidence through fun activities and games, and developed a very trusting relationship. My children are always excited to see Bianca, and I would highly recommend her!

-Briana Jackson

We had the delight of having Bianca Kozloski for Caiden’s second-grade year at Cole Elementary. Working in an urban school comes with challenges and Bianca always rose to the challenge with grace and efficiency to make sure her children received the best she could give. In the classroom, the children learned boundaries which allowed for the best learning environment for all. She was fair, kind and always spoke with respect which resulted in admiration from her students and a willingness to want to learn. The classroom was a safe environment which provided another comfort for Caiden’s best learning. We found her to be a great advocate for what Caiden needed with his individual learning style. Although Caiden did not achieve the test score needed to get additional services we felt he needed, she made sure he received them anyway. Bianca spoke to Caiden’s desire to advance his reading and literacy. He was an advanced student and she always found ways to keep him engaged and moving forward giving him the confidence to be himself. He often came home with ideas of new experiments and projects that stemmed from the days learning. Caiden was never bored and always wanted “more”. As a parent, she was always willing to find the time to speak with us regarding the classroom, curriculum and what we could do as a parent, to assist her, in teaching Caiden to be his best self. I would encourage anyone to use Bianca’s tutoring services.

-Lori Kingsbury